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Rupak Kulkarni

28-Mar-2010 - ASPEE Auditorium, Malad (W), Mumbai Shri Rupak Kulkarni ji was felicitated by Sangita Lahiri Rupakji started the program with introduction of instrument - about basics and history of the instrument. In this performance, Rupakji was accompanied by Amit Kavathekar (disciple of Ustad Zakir Hussain) on Tabla. Rupakji was also supported by three of his disciples on flute. A memorable evening for house full of audience at ASPEE auditorium.

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Gujrati Sugam Sangeet – “મન પાંચમને મેળે”

07-Feb-2010 - Gyan Sagar Amphitheatre, Borivali (W), Mumbai Entire event went something like this... A minute-by-minute walk through of the program Day for Shruti team started at around 2:30pm for setting up the place for the evening. Few planning discussions of members Setting up of the counters at the gate - program banner on display Setup is ready. Final round of fumigation at the ground. Finishing touches to setup Artists have already come in and getting comfortable. Audience started walking in... volunteers helping them with coordinates. Artists taking up their position and setting up their instruments 6:45pm More audience pouring in... program about to start. Maheshbhai starts announces start of program and introductions Artists to perform Shruti Vandana. Beautiful stage ambience with lamps... Shruti team takes position under the guidance of their mentor - Sangeeta Lahiriji. Team includes Neha Mehta, Anis Sabri, Bhavik Patel, Mahavir Shah and Aakar Pandya. Alap Desai took charge of Tabla for Shruti Vandana Shruti Vandana.. a spellbound beginning. Shruti team invited main artists and felicitates them with bouquet. Pulakji Lahiri greeted Ashitji Desai, while Sangeetaji Lahiri greeting Hemaji Desai in picture above. Shankhachur Lahiri welcoming Alap Desai Another lead position on the stage was poet Shri Mukesh Joshi walking the audience through the entire program along with recitals of finest new and old Gujrati poems and shayaris Desai family starts with Vandana... Amphitheatre and the ambience Shruti artists got opportunity to perform in-front of legendary artists like Ashijtji Desai. He too encouraged them with their performance. Bhavik, Neha, Anis and [...]

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Ken Zuckerman

02-Jan-2010 - ASPEE Auditorium, Malad (W), Mumbai Sarod Performance by Ken Zuckerman - (Sr disciple of Late Ustad Ali Akbar Khan- Maihar Gharana) Ken performed various compositions in ragas Bageshree kanada, Durgeshwari and Chandranandan (very own composition of his Guru - KhanSahib) Ken was accompanied by Anutosh Degharia on Tabla. Seems that Ken enjoyed the performance as much as the house full of audience at Shruti

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Pt Ishwarlal Mishra

4-Oct-2009 - ASPEE Auditorium, Malad (W), Mumbai Tabla Solo by Pt Ishwarlal Mishra - (Disciple of Pt Anokhelal Mishra - Benaras Gharana) Pt Ishwarlal Mishra Pt Ishwarlal Mishra. One of the most memorable performances in Shruti. Pt Ishwarlal Mishra Pt Ishwarlal Mishra mesmerized the audience. One of the senior exponent of Table, Pt Sudhir Mainkar thanked Pt Ishwarlal Mishra who had visited Mumbai after 20 years. Pt Sudhir Mainkar Pt Isnwarlal Mishra appreciating the welcome he received in Mumbai by audience and other seniors Tabla exponents in Mumbai. A group picture of Shruti members with Pt Ishwarlal, Pt Sudheer Mainkar and other artists. Pt Ishwarlalji was also accompanied by his son and disciple Shri Dhananjay Mishra (very talented artist himself).

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Guru Purnima-09

05-Jul-2009 - ASPEE Auditorium Guru Purnima Program - Tribute to Pt Arvind Parikh Mahesh Shah, opening the session with few words for our Guru - Pt Arvindji Parikh and all the artists performing on the day. This was a day-long session starting in the morning, followed by lunch and a session after lunch. Pt Arvind Parikhji felicitated by Shri Pulak Lahiri. Pulak Lahiri accepting blessings of Pr Arvind Parikhji Performances (as a tribute to him) of various disciples of Pt Arvind Parikh                               Then came the time for Pt Arvind Parikh ji sharing the comments with all disciples who paid tribute to him. Panditji had meticulously made notes of performances of each of his disciples.

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Anis Sabri and Neha Mehta

31-May-2009 - ASPEE Auditorium, Malad (W), Mumbai Anis Sabri and Neha Mehta - Celebrating 3rd Shruti Anniversary Shruti program started with Shruti Vandana by member artists Program started with Neha Mehta singing Gujarati and Hindi songs and mesmerizing audience. She was accompanied by Malav on Tabla, Pratik Shah on keyboard, Chetan Maharaja on side rhythm and Jayatbhai on guitar. Bhavik sung Hindi movie song and soulful "Tere bina jeeya" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Aakar singing Laagi Man ki Lagan Mahavir sung Rimzim Gire Sawan by Kishore Kumar Anis Sabri started with traditional Qawwali (Chaap Tilak) by Amir Khusro Saheb followed by Qawwali Ghazal and other soulful Sufi such as Dama Dam Mast Kalandar. He was accompanied by Farukh Khan.   6th June being Shruti's Anniversary, all members celebrated it with cake cutting. Our mentor Shri Pulak Lahiri sir and Sangeeta Lahiri cutting the cake.

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